How Cejudo Saved the Flyweight Division


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When Demetrious Johnson was traded to ONE Championship in exchange for Ben Askren, it was seen as the beginning of the end for the Flyweight division, after Henry Cejudo defeated Johnson for the title, he was placed in a title defense against a dominant Bantamweight champion in TJ Dillashaw who wanted to be the one to end the division.

When fight night came, Cejudo finished Dillashaw in under one minute. It was revealed later that Dillashaw used EPO and would be stripped of the Bantamweight title with a ban from competing for 2 years.

Cejudo would go on to challenge for the Bantamweight title where he defeated Marlon Moraes to be the 4th person and the 3rd male to win two titles at the same time in separate divisions. What’s also worth noting is that Cejudo is an Olympic Gold medalist, it is what makes Cejudo a triple champion.

After claims were made that the Flyweight division was going to be scrapped, Cejudo made it his mission to make sure that it does not go anywhere, but to stay and showcase their skills inside of the UFC. After defeating Dillashaw to retain the Flyweight title then go on to win the Bantamweight title against Moraes. Cejudo’s not only helped himself, but the division that made him who he is today.

While Cejudo was on his quest to win titles, the Flyweight division had to make their division worth seeing and with guys like Jussier Formiga, Joseph Benavidez, Tim Elliot, Alexandre Pantoja, Raulian Paiva and the newest addition to the division, Askar Askarov who is undefeated with a 10-0 record and could be a huge part to the Flyweight division.

With Cejudo possibly being gone for all of 2019, no one knows the title that Cejudo will defend next or first, but as Benavidez is next in line for the Flyweight title and Aljamain Sterling wants a shot at the Bantamweight title, the next move that Cejudo makes will still keep the Flyweight’s afloat while the Bantamweight’s will still do whatever it takes to prove that they’re still the best in their own division.

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