How Big Cass Will Capitalize on Singles Run


Last Monday, WWE superstar Big Cass turned on his longtime partner, Enzo Amore, to begin his singles run within the WWE. With that, Cass will now likely be viewed as a villain from the company.

Based on history, almost every superstar who turns on their partner seems to struggle. When Shad turned on JTG in 2010, both men didn’t receive nearly enough air time, and were eventually released from the company a few years later. While the individual wrestlers aren’t solely responsible for this, it just so happens that the fans don’t know how to react, forcing the WWE to hesitantly release them.

Cass and Amore teamed up from NXT to WWE four years ago, and the primary reason Cass turned on Amore was because he has never been a reigning champion within the WWE. Another potential reason for the breakup happens to be the difference between the two. On one hand, Cass shows off a more dominant force, but when it came time to winning the Tag Team Championships, it would be Amore that would ruin their chances. Cass has shown that he has the potential to be something more than a giant in a tag team bout, and he now has the ability to develop himself more than he already has.

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