Houston Texans Making Moves In Free Agency

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Wednesday officially marked the first day of the new NFL year, and the Houston Texans did not waste anytime making a splash. The team signed the hottest quarterback on the market in Brock Osweiler, to a 4 year deal worth $72 million, with $37 million guaranteed.

In 8 games last season, Osweiler threw for 1,967 yards, 10 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, with a passer rating of 86.4. In a Super Bowl winning season for the team, Osweiler stepped in for seven games due to Peyton Manning being out with an injury. The young quarterback preformed well in the seven games, before getting benched in favor of Manning after a poor performance vs San Diego Chargers in week 17.

The team is getting a quarterback in Osweiler, who has potential to become their franchise quarterback. After learning from being the backup of one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game in Manning, his entire career. He should be able to use what he learned from Manning to use in Houston. The problem with this deal is, we have only seen a sample size of him this season with him performing well, having a terrible game vs Chargers, and not seeing the field in the playoffs.

We have yet to see if he can produce good numbers consistently during his time in the league, so it is unknown if he can produce good numbers season after season for the Texans. The money is a problem as well, paying a guy that we only seen a sample size of $72 million is a bad idea. Only time will tell if we are going to be seeing the Osweiler from the first six games, when he was in for Manning that performed well.

Houston was not done making moves yet. The team has signed free agent running back Lamar Miller to a 4 year contract, worth $24 million with $14 million guaranteed. The team cut former starting running back Arian Foster last week.

In 16 games this past season, Miller rushed for 872 yards, 8 touchdowns in 194 attempts. He also caught 47 receptions for 397 yards with 2 touchdowns. Miller had productive season in Miami, putting up good numbers. Near the end of the season, he was seen sharing snaps with running back Jay Ajayi.

Houston is getting a good running back in Miller. He is a good duel threat running back someone who can run with the ball and catch it effectively. He will be a good fit in the offensive system that the team runs. The money is not a problem here, as he will perform and produce good numbers. Miller is a good replacement for Foster, as he is a younger than him and he has not been injury prone the past few seasons, unlike Foster.

Overall, Houston is in a win right now mode, and is not scared to spend the money to get talent to help them win right now. Osweiler and Miller fix the teams quarterback and running back problems that the team had last season. The team still has some money left over, so do not expect them to be done yet. The Texans are going to be a team to watch for next season in the AFC.

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  1. Hey man, nice post. I mean, I think Brock is a good signing for the Texans because it gives them a chance to have something they haven’t had in a long time. However, I think we’ll have to take a wait and see approach on him. Only time will tell really. The Broncos clearly weren’t sold on him to go all out to keep him so I think that’s a concerning sign for sure. Also, if you have a moment, you think you could check out my post on Brock and let me know what your thoughts are

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