Houston Rockets Fire Kevin McHale

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Coming into this season after making the conference finals, Houston Rockets had big expectations of winning a championship. This season has not been going well for them. The team is off to a slow 4-7 start, and changes were made today the team fired Head Coach Kevin McHale. McHale was in his fifth season with the team. J.B Bickerstaff will be taking over as interim head coach.

In his five seasons with the team, McHale has a record of 193 wins and 130 losses. He lead the team to the playoffs three out of the five seasons, making the conference once. In McHale time in Houston, he took a team who missed the playoffs for two straight years turning the team into a  playoff contenders. Having big names like James Harden and Dwight Howard does not hurt either.

Houston acted too early on this decision to fire McHale. It is too early into the season to fire him. The team should of waited into the all star break to see if the struggles continued in order to make a decision on him. Reports McHale lost control of the players when he wanted to run one play the players would do another play.

The team still has a lot of star power to turn it around this season. The team is just going through a slump right now. It might take the team some time, to play like a winning team. Once the team  plays like the team that made the conference finals last season. Houston will be a dominating force, once the playoff starts.

On McHale side of things, it stinks that he is fired this early in the season. No teams are looking for a head coach right now in the NBA,this early in the season . So McHale will have to go back to broadcasting, until a team offers him a job during the offseason most likely. Expect McHale to come back to TNT and NBA TV, as a broadcaster for the time being.



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