Holm Defeats Rousey at UFC 193


In an epic showdown of two ultimate female warriors, Holly Holm displayed one of the most flawless performances against the defending champion, Ronda Rousey. 

Before the match, Rousey was the heavy favorite in any betting industry. Rousey went on in an interview stating that she wishes to “retire undefeated”, but came up way short of that goal. 

Holly Holm was a proven contender coming into the match, as she was once a world champion in the world of female boxing and kick boxing. 

Through round one, Rousey looked out of shape, yet continued to chase Holm around the Octagon. Holm, on the other hand, stayed patient and provided multiple combinations to Rousey’s face. 

As round two started, it took only 59 seconds for Rousey to be knocked out. 

After falling onto her knees, Rousey turned around and was met with a round house kick to the throat from Holms, ending the match. 

The new question is when these two will meet up again. Will Holms defend her title against another contender before Rousey? Will UFC pin the two against each other as soon as possible? 

Rousey went into this battle slightly overrated, but Holms was defiantly underrated going into this memorable UFC 193 showdown. 

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