Hield Climbing Up in Draft Stock

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On Thursday, the Oklahoma Sooners defeated Iowa State University by a score of 79-76, lead by no other than senior Buddy Hield.

Hield lead all players in scoring on Thursday night, with a whopping total of 39 points. Along with 9 rebounds as well, Hield has been one of the up and coming draft prospects to go into the NBA for the 2016-17 season.

Ranked #9 by draft express, Hield has without a doubt proven that he is worthy of potentially a top 5 draft pick within the correct system. Hield is currently averaging 17 PPG along with 4.9 APG.

So who exactly would Hield be a good match with in the NBA? Within the top 5, my best bet would be that Hield would fit in with the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics have Isaiah Thomas currently, but Hield would be a great player to play under Thomas for the remainder of his career. Think of Hield as a “back up” to Thomas, you just usually don’t get that type of mentor ship in today’s game.

Outside of the top 5, I could see Hield landing at #7 with the New Orleans Pelicans. They currently don’t have any star power at the point guard or shooting guard position, and Hield could even slip into the starting roster if need be.

It’s crazy how the stock of prospects can rise and decline so quickly, and Hield’s performance on Thursday night proved that he is ready for the shift into the NBA.

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