Heyward Signs With Cubs


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After having a breakout season last season, the Chicago Cubs are a team that nobody expected to make the playoffs. They made the playoffs, only to lose to the New York Mets in the NLCS. The team has a bright future, and the team already made moves this offseason. The team probably made the biggest offseason move, signing Jason Heyward to an eight year deal worth $184 million.  Heyward spent last season with St Louis Cardinals after spending five seasons with Atlanta Braves.

Last season with Cardinals in 154 games, Heyward hit 13 Homeruns, 60 RBI, with an average of .293 and an OBP of .359. In a successful season for St Louis, ending with the team making the playoffs, Heyward played a good role on the team offensively and defensively. For being a middle of the lineup guy, hitting over 10 homeruns and 50 RBI is good. Even though he did not have the same production from when he played for the Braves, Heyward was still a solid bat in the lineup.

Even though Hayward did not hit for 15 plus homeruns he is still a solid hitter, Heyward is a great hitter, swings for contact, not a power hitter the best way to put him is at the top of the lineup. His offensive numbers are good, but do not underestimate his defense. He has a good glove as well. Even at age 26, Heyward can still get back to being the 20 plus homeruns a season potential that he had with Atlanta. When he is healthy and in the right spot in the lineup, he can hit for over 20 plus homeruns and over 60 plus RBI.

Cubs are getting a great top of the lineup power bat with Heyward, the price tag is high but the team wants to win now. So bringing in talent to win a championship, is the number one thing on the teams offseason priority list. Heyward brings a contact first bat to
the Cubs lineup, with this signing and the amount of talent that the team has already has in the lineup. This team will be a scary team to pitch against next season, alongside Heyward the team has Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, newly signed Ben Zobrist.  

Now that Heyward has signed the multi year million dollar deal, he has been hoping to sign this offseason. The next step is playing like he is worth, what the team is paying him for the next eight years. Being the big homerun hitter in the lineup, that the team paid him a lot of money to do. If Heyward can produce good numbers, and help win a championship. The money will be no big deal since he lived up to expectations

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