TJ Dillashaw: The UFC’s Newest Scandal


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Watching an athlete’s career plays out, some undergo accusations, prove themselves innocient, and move on to greater things. However, others fail standard drug tests, and are vilified across their respective sport.

On Tuesday morning, it was reported that former two-time Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw has been suspended for 2 years by the USADA. This comes from a failed drug test during the buildup to his fight against Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo.

Dillashaw made claims that the substance found was due to “tainted supplements” in his system; a similar excuse used by Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and others in the past. However, recent news claims the substance was in fact an EPO, which is known as an injectable steroid.

Dillashaw did not contest the suspension and will not be eligble to return until January 21st, 2021.

This is largest scandal since the Jon Jones suspension from 2017. Described as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters, many debated whether Dillashaw had potential in becoming a two-time champion in the UFC.

Prior to losing his Bantamweight title to Dominick Cruz, Dillashaw defeated the likes of Mike Easton, Joe Soto, and twice over Renan Barao.

Dillashaw bounced back from the Cruz loss and defeated Raphael Assuncao in a rematch, John Lineker, and then Cody Garbrandt in back-to-back title bouts. After the loss to Cejudo for the Flyweight title, Dillashaw claimed a rematch would happen either at Flyweight or Bantamweight.

Across all sports, every league has someone who has manipulated their morales in exchange for personal success. Lance Armstrong did so with cycling, Jose Canseco in the MLB, and Diego Maradona in soccer.

If Dillashaw does return in 2021, it’s doubtful that his legacy will ever remain intact. With a tainted career at hand, the UFC community has already begun to vilify someone who was once recognized as one of the best in the business.

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