Hamilton Out With Hamstring Injury

Josh Hamilton has truly been impressive over the years. Being at his essential rock bottom, to the highest he could ever go. Hamilton returned this MLB season with a vengeance and once again has a setback. 

As of Wednesday night, it’s become reported that Hamilton will miss somewhere between three to four weeks with a left hamstring injury. Hamilton hasn’t had his full shot at playing this season due to injuries, so this could be a huge blow to his season. 

As of the moment, Hamilton is hitting .273 with two homeruns and five RBI’s. While his stats seem unimpressive, his body is holding him back from being one hundred percent. The Rangers now sit with a record of 27-26, but with Hamilton’s absence, this could plummet them below .500 very fast. 

Over his career, Hamilton has been able to shrug off injury after injury, but will this hamstring injury be the same case? Hamilton may never be the same ball player again.  

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