Gronkowski Smashes Into 60+ TD Club


On Thursday Night Football, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski entered his way into the record books once again.  Only five tight ends have been able to achieve 60+ touchdowns: Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Shannon Sharpe and Jerry Smith and Gronkowski, with Jason Witten at 59 currently. As the Patriots went on to beat the Dolphins 36-7, Gronk caught a 47-yard pass from Tom Brady to tie Sharpe at 62 touchdowns.

Gronk has been dominant for both fantasy football and real life, but is it time to call him the greatest tight end to ever play the game? That touchdown marked Gronk’s 7th of the season, as he is currently on pace to reach between 14-16 on the season.

According to statistics collected by Yahoo! Sports, Gronkowski has played at least 10 games in four seasons, and has four seasons with double-digit touchdowns. Sharpe and Gonzalez combined for five double-digit touchdown seasons in their 31 years in the NFL.

The skeptics out there may say that the built tight end is only a product of Tom Brady’s accuracy, but anyone that is 6’6” automatically disproves that theory.  The only real argument against Gronk is that it is too early to call him the best ever.  After undergoing surgery, he is absolutely targeted by defenders from the waist down.  If Gronk continues to play recklessly, his career may even end early.

As a witness in what seems to be the play of the most dominating football player in recent years, I firmly believe that there is a chance that Rob Gronkowski could be written down as the greatest tight end there ever was.

The Patriots have a fairly easy schedule in the next few weeks, so expect for Gronk to continue to climb atop the leaderboards for most touchdowns by a tight end.  Next on the list you ask? Antonio Gates at 94 touchdowns (and counting).

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