Greg Oden Signs….In China

After attempting (and failing) to make his comeback in 2013 with the Miami Heat, Greg Oden has decided to take his talents to China. The Jiangsu Dragons announced on Sunday that they have come to terms with the 27-year old. 

Oden has struggled on multiple occasions to stay healthy, as he dealt with knee injuries throughout his career. After a failed experiment with the Heat, Oden may feel like he needs a lower level of competition and intensity. 

Over the years, Oden has played in 105 games, shooting a mere 57.4%. Will we ever see Oden in the NBA? The possibility is unlikely, but the center may be in the right place as he focuses on staying healthy before anything else. 

Oden was originally seen as one of the greatest draft prospects in the NBA, but playing for the Dragons may be the best thing for him in the moment. He may be injury prone, but there is no doubt that he could make a real impact in a Chinese league (assuming he plays). 

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