Greg Hardy gets a reduced suspension

News came out on Friday that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy’s 10-game suspension has been reduced to a mere 4 games. This has reportedly been due to the domestic violence charges being dropped from the victim failing to appear before a jury. 

Due to the charge being dropped, a reduced suspension was created and is being discussed between Hardy, his lawyer and his agent. He must decide whether he wants to accept it or appeal the charge and possibly get his suspension reduced to only 2 games like Harold Henderson did in his case. 

This decision not only effects his play time but also his bank account. Unlike his paid 15 game suspension with the Panthers, this will be an unpaid suspension with the Cowboys. Hardy was set to be paid $13.116 million dollars per game this upcoming season. 

For the Cowboys, making sure Hardy, along with middle linebacker Rolando McClain, can play within 4 games is important because game 5 is when the Cowboys matchup against the Patriots. The Cowboys lost to the Patriots in December of 1999, 13-6 and every game since then. Having both Hardy and McClain could be a game changer for the Cowboys.

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