Greg Bird Receives Shoulder Surgery 


One of the questions that Yankees fans have wondered was what the they would do with Greg Bird, since Mark Teixeira is coming back from injury. 

The DH spot was taken up too by Alex Rodriguez. There was some talk of having Greg Bird spending time in the outfield from some folks, but that would’ve been tough to do, as those stations are also taken up.

Well, here we are. Injury is what has chosen the 2016 fate for Greg Bird as he has gone down with a shoulder injury. He will be going through surgery and will be missing the entire 2016 season.

This does hurt the Yankees, as many saw Greg Bird as at least a backup for the 2016 season if Teixeira went down with an injury. 

It’s possible the Yankees could use Gary Sanchez, who is expected to be the back up catcher, at first base.

Although, it’s highly unlikely for recent signing Carlos Corporán to actually start if Teixeira is to go down with an injury. The depth he provides could prove to be vital in this upcoming season.

We do not know how everything is going to play out. For now, all we can do is wish Bird a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

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