Golden Tate says Opponents know Lions Offense


Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate believes the team’s opponents know what plays the team runs. “I’ve had a couple of occasions in literally each game where they called out our play for one, then afterwards been like ‘Hey, we knew what you guys were doing.'” he told 105.1FM Radio.

“I don’t know how they know or which film they’re watching that we’re giving away, and that’s something we need to go back and watch our tendencies to figure out where we line up or how we line up or what formation – whatever it may be, we’ve got to figure it out because we’re clearly giving away. I mean if three weeks, a player’s come up to me and said, ‘We knew what you were going to do,’ that’s bad.” Tate added. 

The Lions offense has not been clicking as of late, noted by offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. Poor play calling and quarterback Matthew Stafford throwing 5 interceptions in 3 games seem to be a primary issue. Stafford has also been roughed up by defenses so far this year, and Broncos defensive back David Burton admitted to knowing the plays in Sunday night’s loss.

Assuming that Tate is telling the truth, and with no damning evidence that he isn’t, this is an obvious problem. Even though the team remains loyal, if Detroit’s offense is that obvious, then Lombardi needs to get the boot. Plain and simple, if you will.

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