Going Off-Script At SummerSlam?


As most most of you saw last night, summerslam wasn’t all that, yes it did have its good matches but it most definitely could’ve been better. But what I’m here to talk about is Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

Last night (as expected) Randy got totally destroyed by Brock, Brock gave Randy 7 suplex’s, Brock was also taken to Viperville with 2 RKO’s. Randy was also put through a table, Orton hardly got any offense last night, but when he did he took his chance and did a lot to Lesnar to start to slow him down quite a bit.

But Lesnar was starting to get fed up with Randy I think because Randy was laying on the ground trying to get up and then Lesnar went off with elbows and punches and landed the punches and elbows with no remorse.

Lesnar was going off on Orton and you could see blood build up under Orton but at first I thought “Ok, blood is finally coming back to WWE” but then Orton lifted up his head and all you saw was blood streaming, then I realized he’s actually hurt. When he was getting hit with elbows he was limp, completely.

Lesnar won via TKO but it was cheap, Lesnar does work as a heel but for someone to stand their and look at him with blood everywhere, they have to have real life disagreement with each other with how it looked last night, it was bad, really bad.

Then Shane McMahon tried to come to the ring and stop Lesnar and help his superstar and then Lesnar gave Shane O’ Mac an F-5 right in Randy’s pool of blood.

SummerSlam then started to go off-air with Brock Lesnar walking backstage with a smirk on his face and Shane and Orton on the ground in the ring behind him.



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