Getting to Know the Cowboys Backfield


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The Dallas Cowboys are intertwined in a public contract dispute with running back Ezekiel Elliott. Both sides have not found common ground on a new contract, even though Elliott has two seasons remaining on his rookie deal. With Elliott’s representatives claiming he is willing to sit out of the 2019 season if a new deal is not presented, perhaps we should get to know the Cowboys backfield.


Mike Weber

Much like Elliott, Mike Weber comes from an Ohio State backfield. After three seasons of play, Weber accounted for 2,676 yards and 24 TD. Although his numbers don’t stand out necessarily, it’s important to note that Weber was sharing carries with J.K. Dobbins in both 2017 and 2018.

As a seventh-round pick, the expectations for Weber are low. However, without Elliott present, the Cowboys have the ability to utilize running backs by committee. If that’s the case, then Weber could play a minor role in the 2019 season.

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Tony Pollard

As of this week, both Dak Prescott and owner Jerry Jones have praised rookie Tony Pollard for being one of the most “exciting” players during training camp. Receiving first-round reps is a positive sign of things to come for Pollard, who was a fourth-round selection in the most recent draft.

Pollard didn’t finish with outstanding numbers, and his draft grade was only a 5.33. However, the Cowboys have outstanding luck through the NFL Draft, and they firmly believe Pollard is a diamond in the rough.

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Alfred Morris

According to Jerry Jones, Alfred Morris has “the best feel of any back” for the Cowboys system. According to the past, this is an accurate theory. Morris was apart of Dallas’ backfield from 2016-17; the same time frame in which Prescott and Elliott entered the league. During his tenure, Morris totaled 790 rushing yards on 184 carries; 4.3 yards per carry.

Assuming Elliot is not bluffing, which is entirely possible, then Alfred Morris could become the centerpiece of the Cowboys backfield. At the age of 30, Morris has potential to eclipse 1,000, which would be in the top 10 in comparison to backs from 2018.

It’s important to remember that Ezekiel Elliott is special. He led the league in rushing in two of his three seasons, and the outlier season was due to a six-game suspension. However, running backs have proven to be replaceable, and even though the Cowboys have offered Elliott a contract that would make him a top 5 back in terms of salary, they should get to know their backfield.

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