Garbrandt vs Dillashaw: From Former Teammates to Bitter Enemies


If you remember the previous feud between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, this feud will be one to add to the list. From former teammates to bitter enemies, TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt have a bout that is set to become a “must-watch” event on November 4th.

Dillashaw and Garbrandt met when Dillashaw was a part of Team Alpha Male, which is where he went on to win the Bantamweight Champion. Later on in his career, he would then lose the title to the returning Dominick Cruz, who would proceed to then lose it to Garbrandt.

After Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male in order to train with Dwaine Ludwig in Colorado, it would begin the start of a rivalry that may quite possibly never end.

Heading into the scheduled bout, Garbrandt is 11-0, and is arguably the most elusive pound-for-pound fighter in the Bantamweight division. Within the same tier, both Dillashaw and Cruz are names in which Garbrandt may have the opportunity to look back and say he defeated by the end of UFC 217.

On the other hand, Dillashaw is 14-3, as well as a former champion. Having defended titles previously in his career, Dillashaw knows exactly what he’s getting into. Known as one of the best within the Bantamweight division as well, Dillashaw has the power in his strikes to reclaim the Bantamweight Championship and become the first to defeat Garbrandt in the greatest arena of all time: Madison Square Garden.

Dillashaw vs Garbrandt for the Bantamweight Championship may turn out to be the most anticipated fight in all of 2017, but who comes out on top?

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