Game 4: Do Or Die For Warriors


If you’re an NBA fan watching the playoffs who is NOT a Golden State Warriors or Oklahoma City Thunder fan, then you should be enjoying this series. It’s a fun series to watch that’s expected to go 7 games. However, those chances seem to be getting a bit more slim.

Let me be clear, this series is far from over. The Warriors didn’t go 73-9 for no reason. Statistically, the 2015-2016 Warriors is the greatest single season team of all time. However, this season would drastically tarnished if they are eliminated this way.

There is absolutely no shame in losing to the OKC Thunder. The Thunder have arguably the best depth in the NBA, led by two of the top five players in the game today in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Thunder are overwhelming this Warriors team, which not many people expected.

Last week, I wrote an article looking into the possibility of the Thunder “upsetting” the Warriors, and the reality is starting to show. Here we are, Thunder up 2-1 after a blow out win in Game 3 with the score being 121-106.

It’s safe to say that the way the Thunder are playing, tomorrow is a must win for the Warriors. It’s hard to believe that the Thunder would lose 3 games in a row, so the Warriors must tie things up tomorrow and reclaim this series at their home court.

If I had to bet my money at this juncture, I still see this series going 7 games, but I’m tied on a winner.. Who do you see winning the game tomorrow night?

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