Four WWE Superstars In Need Of A Manager


Some of the all-time WWE greats have been able to get over without needing anyone by their side. They had the charisma, character, and the skill set to get over with the fans for years at a time. Others still had those same traits, however, they had a little extra push with someone alongside them. Hall of Famers such as Andre The Giant, the Legion of Doom (LoD), Randy Savage, and The Undertaker (you know it’s true) all had incredible managers to add onto their character.

While the art of being a manager has seemingly died down, there are still a few around in the WWE, and the independents, that can get almost anyone over. The likes of Paul Heyman and Paul Ellering have been superb in the last twelve months, with Lana and Zelina Vega bringing back the age of a valet. There are a few stars within the WWE, as well as a tag team, that could use someone by their side to get a push back up the card. Here are four superstars (A tag team and two singles stars) that could use a little help.

The Ascension

The easiest of the lot to decide on, the LoD knock-offs were getting a little but of a run on SmackDown Live!, along with the Fashion Police, before the superstar shake up. Now that they are on RAW, they are once again back among the rest of the crowd in the wasteland.

That is where a certain manager would come into play. The Ascension was incredibly dominant in NXT while they were down in Florida. A certain team who just got brought up were the exact same thing. The Ascension needs some help on the mic, and Paul Ellering can help out with that.

It would take a while for the combination to build up, with the Authors of Pain running rampant at the moment. It could definitely be a match for down the line though, with Ellering trying to get payback on his former team for ditching him.

Ronda Rousey 

For a rookie that should be greener than the grass she runs on, Rousey has some decent ring work under her belt. The incorporation of her MMA background with the mix of a few wrestling moves makes for an interesting repertoire that she can call upon. Her mic work on the other hand…could use some work.

Her promos are what some would call stale. Rousey is most definitely someone who would rather put up and shut up instead of cutting promo segments, so she could use someone who can hype her up and get her over without the need for physicality. Isn’t there someone else within the WWE who manages a former UFC champion?

This leads to Paul Heyman. He is coming back with Brock Lesnar for a few more shows at least, so it’s quite possible that he could team up with Rousey while Lesnar is away. Heyman will get her over like a house on fire with Rousey as an enforcer. When Lesnar comes back, two of the hottest commodities in the WWE will be with the best manager today. It’s a win-win.

Tye Dillenger

A journeyman within the WWE, Dillenger has been around the traps for quite a while without much luck. He came in with a bang at the 2017 Royal Rumble, and he had a ton of momentum once he moved to SmackDown Live! for about a month. The hype died down and Dillenger was just lost in the shuffle yet again.

It isn’t that the fans aren’t interested, but there is just nothing going for the ‘Perfect 10’ at the moment. No one to have a solid story with, no one to build around, and no title matches on the horizon.

Next week, Smackdown Live! is back in Canada, home of the Perfect 10. He, in theory should get a match. What happens next? Maybe a little eye candy will put him back into the mix. Ever seen an Irishwoman and a Canadian get angry? It’s not something you want to be against.

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