Four Wrestling Predictions for 2018


Recently, we posted what was our ten sports predictions for 2018, and one or two of those have already come into fruition. It really got us thinking here about some of the sports that weren’t mentioned in that list, and professional wrestling is one of them. In today’s day and age, it isn’t as difficult to predict things as it was thirty years ago.

While that may mean that it’s easier to see what will happen closer to time, it does not make it any easier to predict what will happen over the span of a year. The world of professional wrestling is forever changing things on a whim to try and surprise a very smart group of fans, so we try and prove our whits by predicting events that may occur.

1. The Bullet Club Changes Leaders

The seed has already been planted here in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and it has been further played along on ‘Being the Elite’ (the story vlog created by the Young Bucks). Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes could and would be a money match no matter the wrestling company, and New Japan could make an absolute fortune off of it. The WWE has been rumored to be looking at Omega as a potential roster addition, so the Bullet Club would need a new leader if that happens, and that could be none other than Rhodes.

It just makes sense, although it would pose the question as to what happens with The Elite. Do the Young Bucks continue on with ‘Being the Elite’? Will they follow Omega into the WWE? It opens up a whole range of opportunities, even if Omega stays in New Japan and feuds with Cody.

2. Matt Riddle Repeats His Breakout Year

This one might be a little contentious with a few folks, as there was something posted on The Athletes Hub not too long ago as to why Riddle would not be a breakout star. On the other hand, the entire independent wrestling scene is talking about him. He has won championships in PWG, Progress Wrestling, and is challenging for the Revolution Pro Wrestling championship. He was also within the Pro Wrestling World Cup that was held by WCPW, now known as Defiant Wrestling.

He is only a few years into his wrestling career, and he is achieving more than many do in their whole careers. It is really hard to fight this one, and you would have to say that he will progress into larger companies and win more championships for years to come. In terms of 2018, I predict he will win a championship in Defiant Wrestling, make massive waves in the UK, and it will culminate with a potential New Japan debut.

3. The 205 Live House Shows Come And Go

The first nail has already been put into the coffin with this one, as the first house show was cancelled due to what was said to be scheduling issues. We aren’t saying that the WWE has lied to their fans about this, but in all honesty, does anyone care about the storylines of the cruiserweights outside of RAW?

205 Live is not a show that rates well on the WWE network, and the WWE had to bring in Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt as a means to draw fans to these live events. This is on top of the fact that Goldust, who is not 205 pounds, is starting to appear in these storylines.

Is the WWE doing this to build the hype of the cruiserweights back up, or are the cruiserweights treading in dead water? The last time a lot of people cared about the cruiserweights was when Neville was the champion. There may be more TV time for the likes of Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak, but does anyone want Enzo Amore as champion? Time may tell, but some feel like the time up be up for 205 Live.

4. Impact Wrestling Won’t Be Relevant 

Impact/TNA/Global Force Wrestling have not been a relevant mainstream company since the issues with the Carter family began. In saying that, they were still viewed as a decent company with some money behind them so that the ex-WWE stars could go earn a paycheck for less work. That has changed drastically now, as a majority of TNA’s biggest stars are leaving the struggling company to find a way to pay for their talent.

TNA does have some talent saround, namely Eli Drake. However, companies like Ring of Honor, New Japan and the UK scene are just booming with their respective work, which leaves Impact in a pickle. Unless the men and women behind the scenes of Impact pull out a miracle, they will still be around, but they will not have a big impact (no pun intended) on the wrestling scene in 2018.

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