Four Matches WWE Fans Need in 2018


Another year has come and gone in the land of professional wrestling, and it’s difficult to tell as to whether those within the WWE are actually listening to the voices in the crowd, or the voices that apparently come their large biceps. The WWE has some of the best talent in the world working for them, and yet we have not seen some of the biggest matches that the fans want. These four match scenarios could realistically happen, or maybe it’s just something that we dream about. Either way, here are four matches that need to occur in 2018:

#1: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Those in the back have been a little bit of a tease when it comes to Styles and Nakamura. Both superstars spent a lot of time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where Styles teamed up with the Bullet Club, while Nakamura had a fantastic run as a singles competitor over many years.

Both men can attract huge crowds by themselves, so imagine a main ‘network special’ headlined by AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura. Better yet, have it as the main event inside of the Tokyo Dome. Wrestling fans likely love the thought of that, as it was teased during Money in the Bank earlier in 2017. In saying that, this match is not the only one that fans want to see AJ Styles compete in…

#2: AJ Styles vs Finn Balor

This is another hypothetical from the realms of New Japan, and for those who followed the progress of the Bullet Club over the last few years, you would understand this. Now we did get this last year at the TLC event, but it was a last minute match. Just imagine the storytelling that could happen as a result of a built up feud, with Gallows and Anderson confused as to who they side with.

Balor started Bullet Club in Japan, but Styles helped take it to the next level with the likes of the Young Bucks. Demon Finn could play mind games with Styles and the “Good Brothers”, which then could lead to a Summerslam main event for the WWE Championship between Styles and Balor.

There are endless possibilities that could turn this into a feud of the year candidate, and it would certainly have the attention of the WWE community.

#3: ROH vs WWE (Daniel Bryan returns)

I classify this as a Ring of Honor vs WWE matchup, but it really would be Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon and two others. In all reality, you really could add anyone into this contest on the WWE side, from Randy Orton to John Cena, and anyone else in between, and all the indie marks would be going off for it.

The seeds are being planted for a Daniel Bryan return, and there has been some tension on air between Bryan and McMahon. This is another potential candidate for feud of the year, with a handful of individuals in the WWE having experience within the ROH organization.

It could be something over both brands, with the blow-off taking place at Survivor Series. The best of the WWE against the best of the ROH guys in the company? Yes please!

#4: Stephanie McMahon vs Sasha Banks

After interrupting Banks during her Royal Rumble performance, the stage is essentially set for Stephanie McMahon and Sasha Banks to go head-to-head with one another.

McMahon has shown that she still has some decent level of ring work when she took on Brie Bella a few years ago at SummerSlam. This would be a massive match that could have huge WrestleMania ramifications, and the possibility of an interference is also somewhat realistic. Who would interfere in such a massive contest? How about Rhonda Rousey? After stepping away from the UFC for quite some time, Rousey is seeing herself turn into a formulated WWE personality.

I am sure that there are more potential matchups that I somehow missed. The Undertaker might have one more match in him, Brock Lesnar against anyone will always draw numbers, and Triple H seems to be making one more run as well. The WWE need to start listening to their fans, otherwise they may end up with more empty arenas and some very disgruntled stars.



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