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When you are someone who’s opened yourself up to the public eye, you have a non-stop flurry of things coming your way. Most celebrities have wonderful perks that come their way, but that doesn’t mean their lives are always peachy. For major celebrities, most feel a disconnect from being able to live like a regular person and are always in the public eye.

Celebrity perks include having fame. Fame is the key to their money and with that money, they’ll never starve and won’t have to worry about to make ends meet for regular everyday necessities. Their families usually reek benefits as well, as they are usually taken care of. You also have to imagine, that having the support of so many fans, must be uplifting, as they’ll always be able to search for extra motivation if they end up doubting themselves at some point.

Most that bring themselves in the public eye know that not everything will be all heavenly. With that fame and support, comes hate and interrogation. Major celebrities also give up their ability to be able to just enjoy a date in a public area, without being bombarded by camera’s and questions. This is to be expected and most celebrities, though annoyed, accept that it’s what they’ve brought on themselves.

Where the real issue comes in from paparazzi and fame, is when the public feels the need to get into a celebrities personal life and feel the need to critique his or her’s family. Marshawn Lynch received a lot of criticism back in 2015 for how he was responding to questions from the media during press conferences and some of it was certainly warranted.

Not all of it is warranted, however, as Lynch mentioned that he was willing to talk about football, but was frustrated when questions sent his way were directed towards other aspects of his life. After having to repeat yourself multiple times, you’d feel frustrated too. Eventually, Lynch would virtually withdraw himself from the media by answering all questions with the same phrases, such as “yeah” or “thanks for asking.” Is it the textbook thing to do? No, but it shouldn’t be hard to understand why he was brought to that point.

We now have a situation, where former coach George Karl, felt the need to make remarks about Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony’s personal life in his upcoming book. Criticism is a part of life and we all have to learn to deal with it. George Karl was quoted in saying:

” Carmelo Anthony was a true conundrum for the six years that I had him. He was the best offensive player I ever coached. He was also a user of people and very unhappy when he had to share it.”

Karl knew that his statement wouldn’t be a popular one and it wasn’t necessary to say things that he said. However, if there is any warranted criticism for an athlete, it’s their style of play and their negatives, though I absolutely disagree with his statements and throwing in his adjectives is low. So, that quote is strong, but maybe he can get away with that criticism by a small margin. But Karl wouldn’t stop there. Karl would also include the following:

“Kenyon [Martin] and Carmelo carried two burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man.”

That comment is absolutely tasteless and is absolutely unwarranted. Especially being that Anthony’s father passed away when he was two years old and it’s hard not to take that comment as a shot at those who brought up both Anthony and Martin. Clearly, their families did a great job, if they were able to reach the NBA and have been as successful as they are. Karl would also say that the Melo trade was a positive release for himself and the team and was like popping a blister.

When the public feels the need to comment on your personal life, celebrity or not, frustration and anger are likely to follow. Maybe it’s time to focus on putting words towards things that you are warranted and stay away from things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with you.
*PS: The Melo trade was a relief for me too as I’m a Knicks’ fan and we understand what he brings to the table. Maybe there is a reason that Karl was ringless as a coach despite coaching for nearly 40 YEARS!



*Featured Photo via CBS Sports!

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