Fixing the MLB Hot Stove


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This MLB Hot Stove season has frustrated many fans, and it appears to be a trend that is going to continue until something changes. That is where there is room for speculation.

For some, the term ‘deadline’ is dreaded. In school and business, it can be viewed as something that looms over us, ready to strike as soon as it’s due. At the same time, a deadline may be something that brings out the best in us. The pressure often gets our brains spinning in a way nothing else can. As they say, pressure creates diamonds; and that is just what the MLB needs.

Here, we will explore a hypothetical scenario that may solve the ongoing issues in the MLB Hot Stove:

As for the deadline date, we could label it as Thursday, December 12, 2019. Instead of a looming free agency period that falls into the laps of the following year, we could instead create an earlier deadline in which free agents need to make their decision for the future.

Instead of debating where superstars such as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado would land, we would be speculating the potential each player can bring to their respective franchise.

For this to work, heavy penalties would need to be implemented to force teams and players to make moves (if needed) at this signing deadline. Some teams may take the hypothetical penalty that comes their way, but finding a balance of what is fair would be key.

We are weeks away from Spring Training, and a vast majority of players are unaware of who they will share the field with. Sure, there is plenty of time to adjust before Opening Day, but individual players may be growing tiresome at this stage to find out their circumstances for the New Year.

Again, it’s not about the specifics, but this is instead about the hypothetical deadline that could be formulated to keep the MLB process moving. A deadline can be an effective tool that creates more buzz around the league, rather than endless debates about where specific stars will land.

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  1. MLB Hot Stove is getting too silly. I put it on to find out about the upcoming Baseball season. I don’t care about where the players eat dinner, what music they like, how many chucks they give some stupid question, the best fictional U S Pre4sident in the movies, What movies they watch, etc. Just talk baseball.

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