Five Superstars Lakers Should Target This Summer


The 2017-2018 season has come to its end for the NBA, and now that free agency has begun, I’ve decided to write about who the Los Angeles Lakers should sign to get back into the habit of playing postseason basketball. Here are a few of the many options: 

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Julius Randle (PF, Los Angeles Lakers) 

Young and promising is exactly what describes what Julius Randle is for the Lakers. He has played for the franchise over the last four years, and despite not making the playoffs, he doesn’t stop. The forward is still young, at the age of 23, but needs other talent in order to be successful. If this was 2008, he could turn into an elite player in a flash, but now that the roster is within a rebuild, it’s nearly impossible for Los Angeles to reach their ceiling.

The fact of the matter is that Julius Randle is set to become a free agent once the season is officially over, but the Lakers should really consider re-signing him for the benefit that he can continue to build himself up with Los Angeles if other outside talent takes their talent to the city. 

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DeAndre Jordan (C, Los Angeles Clippers)

DeAndre Jordan has been with the opposite Los Angeles team for the last decade, and has shown flashes of brilliance. Through the up’s and down’s, Jordan has had an amazing career so far, but has no championship ring to go along with it. He has been offered to sign with Golden State and Dallas back when he was a free agent prior, but opted to remain in Los Angeles instead.

At the age of 29, Jordan is still young and is looking to make himself a champion name. The Lakers should sign Jordan because he can give them a boost in the paint if Brook Lopez takes his talents elsewhere during free agency. 

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Kawhi Leonard (SF, San Antonio Spurs) 

Despite not even being able to play that much this season, San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard is absolutely mesmerizing. From winning the NBA Finals in 2014 to being a two-time DPOY & All-NBA First Team member, Leonard is killing the scene. Based on rumors, he has been seeking a trade away from the Spurs, and has been confronted by the staff, as well as his own teammates. 

Many teams will be looking to sign Leonard, but one of those teams that should be looking into him are the Los Angeles Lakers. If the Lakers can keep him out of a Clippers uniform in the upcoming season, this would be a huge momentum shift for the purple and gold. The Los Angeles Lakers need someone with Leonard’s skills in order to gain more attention in a competitive Western Conference. 

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Paul George (SF, Oklahoma City Thunder) 

If you want to talk about the future, Paul George needs to be at the front of the line. Over the years, the veteran has been a huge asset to the Indiana Pacers, as well as to the  Oklahoma City Thunder. In fact, the only time George has missed the playoffs in his career was back in 2015, and it was due to both injuries and a lack of late execution. Despite that year, George is still a phenomenal player who has desired to play for Los Angeles previously.

While George is doing very well with Oklahoma City, rumors are flying that he could be finally heading to Los Angeles to pursue his favorite team after the season concludes. If those rumors come out to be true, this could launch the Lakers into becoming a legitimate young threat in the West. 

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LeBron James (SF, Cleveland Cavaliers) 

The legend has gone from Cleveland, to Miami, and back to Cleveland already. Based on more rumors, it is thought that LeBron James has desired to someday sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. With too many accolades to name, James is just too good to not be put at the top of the list.

For James to sign with Los Angeles would be the greatest asset to the team since Kobe Bryant, and that’s not an exaggeration. This summer will be huge for Los Angeles, as the Lakers could swing for the fences and sign one of the greatest players to ever step foot in the NBA. 

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