Five Potential Feuds For AJ Styles In WWE

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After weeks and weeks of rumors, one of the biggest wrestling superstars in the world, AJ Styles, made his debut in WWE at the Royal Rumble pay per view. In less then 24 hours after his debut, Styles has became one of the most popular superstars the company has right now. With that in mind, here are five guys that Styles should feud with in his time in the WWE.

5. Daniel Bryan: Bryan is one of the most popular superstars in WWE history, with his ability to put on great matches. His style of wrestling includes a lot of grappling and striking. Both Styles and Bryan know how to get a crowd over. There is a chance this feud might not happened, due to the fact that Bryan has not competed in a really long time and WWE has yet to clear him. If somehow Bryan does get cleared, Styles and him would be able to put on a great five star match that any wrestling fan will enjoy. Both of them are great on the mic, so the promos between the both of them would be great as well.

4. Samoa Joe: Styles and Joe were long time rivals in TNA Wrestling, putting on great matches in the company that wrestling fans loved. If they can put on a great feud in TNA, imagine what these two can do in a one on one feud in the WWE. Joe is a big powerhouse, who likes to use his size to his advantage along with strikes and grapples. These two have a big independent background, and the fact that Styles and Joe has feuded before in other companies will be great for promos. Both of these guys are fantastic wrestlers. Take these two, put them in a feud on the biggest wrestling company in the world, and find out which one is better would be a great feud. These two can go on for like 15-20 minutes, putting on an amazing match. With the rumors that Joe could be called up as soon as after WrestleMania in April. The possibility that this feud happening would be high.


3. Sami Zayn: Just like Styles, Zayn loves to use high flying moves in his matches. Both of these guys are known around the world for putting on great matches. The possibilities of this feud are endless. Styles and Zayn are two guys that love to take risks, so the matches between the both of them would be amazing. Promo wise it would be good as well, since both of these guys are known to be underdogs and know how to connect with the crowd. Zayn is close to getting called up from NXT so this feud will happened sooner or later.

2 Kevin Owens: One of the biggest independent superstars in the world, Owens made his mark in the independent circuit, mostly in Ring Of Honor Wrestling. Since coming to WWE, Owens has become one of the top heels in a short time. In Styles’ first match in the WWE, Owens eliminated him from Royal Rumble, which makes wrestling fans think that Owens vs Styles would be a possibility for a feud. Owens is known for being a powerhouse, Styles is the high flyer. Both guys are great on the mic, with Owens having the ability to draw a lot of heat from the crowd and Styles having the ability to get over with the crowd. Wrestling wise this would be a dream match which could go 20-25 minutes.

1. Finn Balor: Before coming to WWE, Balor was in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Balor was a mega star all over the world. One thing he is known for is being the first ever leader of one of the most popular stables in wrestling today, the Bullet Club. When he left Japan to join WWE, NJPW brought in Styles to take his place as the leader of the Bullet Club. Balor is known for using a lot of strikes and kicks and some high flying moves in his wrestling styles. With Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, two members of the Bullet Club, coming to the company within the next month or two, including these guys in a feud between Styles and Balor would be amazing. Balor would play an amazing heel, as he showcased in Japan. The match would be an instant classic that would go on for 20-25 minutes. The hype potential for this feud between two of the biggest wrestlers on the planet and two former leaders of a poplar stable would be amazing. Balor is close to be called up to the WWE from NXT in the next few months so this feud could happen.

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