Finn Balor Suffers Injury At SummerSlam?


Just after beating Seth Rollins last night for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam, the reign of Finn Balor as might be coming to an end soon. According to Ringside News, during his match with Rollins, Balor suffered a right arm injury and he was spotted after the event with his right arm in a sling. Balor will be examined today to find out how serious this injury really is.

After winning the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens last year, Balor became the hottest NXT talent on the roster, getting over with the fans. Balor went on to be the longest reigning NXT Champion before he lost the title to Samoa Joe.  

Big reason why Balor was over in NXT was due to the fact that he is well known for his wrestling ability and his demon gimmick that he brings out during the big matches. Balor uses a lot of strong style in his wrestling, but he is not scared to go for the high-risk moves.

Monday Night Raw drafted him 5th overall during the WWE Draft. Being that high of a draft pick, there are a lot of high expectations for Balor on the main roster. During his time on the main roster, he has been one of the fastest rising stars in the company. On his first night, he won a shot at the Universal Championship. Balor has really connected with the fans as well.

On the WWE side of things, this is the worst thing that could happen right now for the company. The company thinks highly of Balor. They want to build him up to be a star. If they did not, they would not have him win last night. Now with this news about this injury, the company has to rethink things if it is serious enough that he needs surgery. Balor is also a fan favorite, so this will hurt the company as well since he is such a huge draw.

On the Balor side of things, just last night winning the title now to hear that he might need surgery might be the worst news ever for him right now. Balor has worked really hard to be on the main roster, but now with this injury, it is just awful for him. If he does need surgery, he will have to work harder to rehab and win back the title.

Photo Credit: WWE.com

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