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Fantasy Football Review: Week Four


The NFL this year has been all surprises. A month ago you couldn’t convince me that the Raiders, Redskins, and Jets would have the same or better record than the Colts, Ravens, or Steelers. You also couldn’t have convinced me that Andy Dalton would be a top three quarterback. This week I’ll highlight some top performers and enlighten on some matchups for Week 4.
Top Performers:

Philip Rivers: 358 yards, 3tds, 0 int, 26 fantasy points

Devonta Freeman: 149 total yards, 3 rushing touchdowns, 32 fantasy points

Tavon Austin: 116 total yards, 2 reception touchdowns, 23 fantasy points

Whose Available?

While the the top performers at the top of the list maybe gone in your fantasy league, there are still some options out there with some good production so far this season. Alex Smith is sitting at 61 points on the year so far. His worst game came against a red hot Broncos defense, he’s also thrown at least one touchdown in every other game and if you’re keeping track he’s due for one this week. 

Danny Woodhead is owned in only 79.5% of ESPN leagues and he’s averaging 11 points a game. While Woodhead is getting less attempts in the running game, he’s making up for it in the passing game, he’s the best running back available in most leagues and can help out if you have guys like LeSean McCoy or Marshawn Lynch.

Good Matchups for Week 5

Carson Palmer: The Lions have given up the 9th most points to quarterbacks this year, and while Ellington might stay out for another week, David Johnson and Chris Johnson have filled in nicely. Also, Palmer isn’t exactly playing lights out football, but he’s certainly outperforming his expectations this year. Unless you have an elite guy like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, I’d start Palmer this weekend.

Jamaal Charles: While Charles is an obvious start regardless of who he plays, I especially like him this week. This is a game the Chiefs can take over early and will win the T.O.P battle by running the ball. The Bears are barely in the top half of the NFL for stopping the run, that is certainly better than expected, but Charles has yet to have an absolute disappointing outing yet this season.

Cardinals D/ST: Fantasy wise, the Cardinals have the second best defense in the NFL. The Lions are 0-4, and haven’t scored a lot of points since Week 2. They have averaged 16.5 points a game all year, and 12.6 in the last three. Yes, they got proverbial shaft in the Monday night game this week, but even giving them an extra touchdown in that game, they average 18.25 all year and 15 in their last three. The Cardinals are in pattern as well, as they scored one point in week one then followed with an 18 point and 30 point game in their next respective games. Just saying, they only scored one point last year.

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