Fantasy Football: Player Profile Jason Witten

Jason Witten celebrating with teammate Tony Romo (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Jason Witten celebrating with teammate Tony Romo (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
If not the longest tenured players on the Dallas Cowboys, one of the longest is tight end Jason Witten, who seems to be without out a doubt the clear cut starter at the tight end position. If you look at rankings from some of the billion fantasy sites out there, you’ll find that they have him ranked at around No. 9 or 10 for tight ends. What has brought this on? How could one of the best tight ends three or four years ago, be considered to be one of the last taken? Get ready because your about to find out why.  


Injury prone?: No. Outside of Brett Favre, I don’t know any other player, in any other sport, that has a better attendance record than Witten. If anything, when considering who to take at tight end, you’re basing it off who you can rely on to be in the game from week to week. Witten should be at the top of your list. 

Since he began his career in 2003, he has played 191 out of 192 possible regular season games. If you find any article claiming that Witten is injury prone, show them the stat line on his attendance, and disregard anything you hear about him being injury prone.

 Too old?: This is a better argument to drop him than the prior. I would give Witten more of a knock on his age if I was preaching to the players in dynasty leagues, more than I would to those who are in re-draft leagues. It seems as though he will be around for at least next season, and for those in re-draft leagues that’s all you need. 

For those starting a new dynasty league, his age concerns you and rightfully so. Witten is perfect in re-draft leagues because you’re just worried about his performance this year. If you placed yourself into a dynasty league, I advise you to look for a slightly younger option at tight end this year.  

Numbers declining?: Yes. Ultimately this is where the line is drawn. His numbers spiked in 2012, but have declined since. Last year was a sharp decline from the year prior. In 2014, he saw 21 less targets than the year before, nine less receptions, three less touchdowns and 148 less yards. The numbers he put up last year proved to be around the tenth best amongst tight ends in the NFL. I have him at No. 10 exactly at the position, and my advice is this; 

If you’re in a re-draft league, don’t pass on him, but it’s important not too reach for him as well

If you’re in a new dynasty league, I would pass. He won’t be around much longer and the opportunity for young tight ends is very shallow in multiple scenarios.  

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