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Fantasy Football mock drafts have opened and this means that means the fantasy season is coming very soon. People are asking questions like “do I go RB first?” “When is a smart round to take a QB?” “Is there any rookies that will be worth taking?” Those questions will all be answered as we go through all the positions and give some Intel on who’s the best and in categories


The last few seasons QBs have not been a huge worry as the earliest round that QBs are taken is round 4 or 5 with people like Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger. I still believe Aaron Rodgers is the top fantasy QB because last year he had a 31:8 TD INT ratio. Even with Cam Newton was having a breakout year last year, winning MVP on most fantasy teams I believe with Kelvin Benjamin comes back and Greg Olsen still around, he won’t put up back to back MVP seasons just because he could let all the attention get to him and it will affect the numbers he puts up, he will not beat out Rodgers or Roethlisberger, he’s #4 on my ranks behind Rodgers, Roethlisberger, and Luck, but throughout the off-season and training camps that could change.

There are tons of sleepers in this category as well with people like Bridgewater, Bortles, and Russell Wilson was coming up huge last year putting up some starter worthy numbers. QBs can wait awhile as you can grab a lot of these guys in late rounds so you can focus on WR and RB depth, or maybe getting a decent TE as there are very few stud TEs around. Bortles is atop of my sleeper category as he has MANY WRs to throw to with a great TE in Julius Thomas and newly acquired RB Chris Ivory who was a fantasy stud last season for the Jets before a hamstring injury hampering his numbers. QBs can wait until round 7 or 8 as you can get a lot of these guys later in the draft.

Running backs:

Last year, high projected HBs were injured and disappointed many as there was a lack of depth in many teams. My top RB this year was Adrian Peterson last year he put up elite worthy numbers and proved himself to be the most consistent RB In the leauge  (Yes, Leveon and Jamaal were hurt). AP is a safe draft pick for a 2nd or 3rd rounder if you’re looking to build a strong backfield with this fantasy team.

A sleeper would be backs like Ivory, Charkandrick West, and Lagarette Blount who are usually available in rounds 6,7 and 8. Ivory comes into a Jacksonville team with a strong HB core but as he put up stellar numbers last season he is a sleeper for that starter job with the Jags while Blount and West both have competition with backs that are coming off of torn ACLs which is a perfect opportunity to take that job away from their competitors. These guys shouldn’t be a throw away in drafts as you can pick up most of these guys in late rounds.

Wide Receivers :

With Calvin Johnson retiring and Demarius Thomas falling off last season that leaves a perfect opportunity for Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, and Allen Robinson take the top WR spot. In fantasy Dez is my top choice because with Romo coming back and with little to no competition on his team he will put up tremendous amounts of touchdowns and receiving yards for a mediocre Cowboy team. Dez is my top choice coming into the 2016 season but things could change if he is to get injured in training camps or if a stud comes up and gives Dez a run for his money.

Receivers like Allen Hurns, Golden Tate, and Dante Moncreif are a force to be reckoned with as they have all proved their talents a season ago and the window is wide open for Tate as Calvin Johnson retired a few months back. With Hurns and Moncreif their the #2 on their teams and they could get plenty of touches if a star goes down and will get some red zone recognition as fade out WRs. You can grab these guys in late middle rounds and will not dissapoint come fantasy season. Again it all depends on training camps and possible preseason injury.

Tight End :

The TE position over the last few years has been owned by New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski because when healthy he puts up huge numbers. Being hurt 1 game last year (Knee Injury @ DEN forced him to sit out VS PHI) he put up 11 TDs a leauge best. He is still Tom Brady’s #1 target and with his suspension he could possibly be Jimmy Garoppolo’s go-to-guy in the first 4 weeks of the season. Gronk is my strongest lock for the #1 spot (although he could get hurt in training camps). Gronk usually goes in the 1st and if lucky the 2nd round. Grab him if you can as he is the most consistent WR/TE in fantasy football when healthy.

From recent mock drafts after Gronk goes TEs are slept on until round 6ish. Where players like Kelce, Eifert, and Jimmy Graham are taken, but if you are to wait even longer Coby Fleener is a solid choice along with Martellus Bennett as they could get a lot of attention. Fleener I believe will be used as a Saftey blanket for Andrew Luck so he will get alot of red zone attention which is TDs for fantasy stats. Bennett will be a TE2 this year which isn’t bad as New England runs a double TE set so when defenses double team Gronk Bennett will get a lot of attention from Garoppolo/Brady. This will result in TDs aswell as fantasy points. These guys are amazing sleeper picks and should not be forgotten.

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