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Fantasy Cheat Sheet: Wide Receivers to Take 


Your fantasy draft may be coming a lot sooner than expected, and this is for anyone wondering who the booms and busts are for 2016. Here are some wide receivers you should (and shouldn’t) consider taking: 

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The Alpha: Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers) 

Brown has been the most consistent wide out in the NFL, hands down. In 2015, Brown had 10 reception touchdowns, and winded up with 13 more points than Julio Joned and 33 more points than Odell Beckham Jr. 

If you have the #1 pick in the draft, this is the safest pick you can make. 

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The Bust: Allen Hurns (Jacksonville Jaguars) 

While Allen may have had a great 2015 campaign, I’m not all in on the fact that he will come even close to the same stats in 2016. 

With the signing of Chris Ivory, the Jags are obviously looking to improve their run game. If they split carries between Ivory and Yeldon, it’s obvious that Hurns’ numbers are bound to decline slightly. 

I would bet on Hurns as a FLEX at most, but wouldn’t regard him as your WR2 option unless injury hits Ivory, Yeldon, or Allen Robinson even. 

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The Rising Star: Corey Coleman (Cleveland Browns) 

I tend to shy away from betting on rookies for rising stars, but Corey Coleman may be an exception if Robert Griffin III can live up to expectations. 

With surrounding weapons such as Gary Barnidge and even Josh Gordon, Coleman is going to see a lot of one-on-one time this upcoming season. 

Griffin III is receiving a lot of praise from the Browns coaching staff, and I think this could be a really well suited pairing for them.

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Underdog to Think About: Golden Tate (Detroit Lions)  

Even though the Lions have replaced Megatron with Marvin Jones, there is a huge gap of talent between the two. Tate will be pushed into the number one receiver role and he should easily be above 1,000 yards in 2016.

In PPR settings, keep in mind that Tate has finished top 24 for receivers in each of the past seasons, including a number 12 slot in 2014. 

Tate will be a sneaky guy to take, simply because his 9.0 ypr in 2015 was 4.4 less than his previous three seasons in the NFL. Expect a bounce back season from Tate, and a top 20 slot with his name on it when it comes to PPR settings.

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The Bounce Back: Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers) 

Even though names such as Dez Bryant or Keenan Allen could have made this list, it’s impossible not to give it to Jordy Nelson. 

In 2015, his season ended in a preseason game with a torn ACL injury. For 2016, I would expect possibly 1,200+ yards and 9 TDs out of him realistically. 

Many have issues betting on players coming off of injury, but when you have an Aaron Rodgers under center, it would be crazy not to bet on his receivers. 

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