Ex NCAA Staffer: Bans Singal Something Serious


It has been reported that a former NCAA enforcement staffer (who does not wish to be identified) has claimed that the University Of Louisville self imposing a postseason ban on the  men’s basketball team shows “something serious is going to go down” after the investigation is complete.

In an interview on Tuesday, the ex-staffer laid out the common ruling of the self imposing postseason bans. He also explained how the NCAA watches these institutions during sanctions and while the investigations are still ongoing.

” (The NCAA’s ) system is designed to be a cooperative process ” the staffer said. ” This isn’t a criminal process, but it’s very hard to prove anything… The worst part is how much damage can be. They try to minimize the impact by doing something like this, but it still hurts “.

Some history of these NCAA self-imposed bans date back to 2013 when Iowa States ruled a 2-year postseason ban for major recruiting violations. Also, in March, when Syracuse got caught for not handling drug tests correctly. This happened once again in 2013 after a lengthy investigation.

The University Of Louisville may indeed come up with self-imposed penalties if it feels there’s sufficient evidence to prove the sex scandal allegations. Recent history shows the NCAA will have the final say regarding final fours, national titles and postseason availability.

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