Eric Berry’s Return to the Practice Field

With all the major stories impacting the NFL right now, from “deflate gate” to Sheldon Richardson’s run-in with the law, it is time for a feel good story. One that will show great perseverance and a fight from a young man who was dealt with cancer and has fought it back.

Eric Berry returned to Chiefs practice this week just after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma eight months ago. This is truly remarkable, and one can only root for the 26-year-old Berry to regain that level of play that had solidified that Kansas City Secondary for a number of years. 

Considered as a top five safety in this league, Berry is a 3-time pro bowler ( 2010, 2012, 2013) and he is a ball hawk safety that can come down and stop the run at any given time. His importance on and off the field to the Chiefs and that fanbase is rivaled by none. 

In a press conference, he made it a point to mention that there are people battling cancer that have it worse then he did. With all the negative things going on in sports, this is something everyone can just sit back and admire, marvel at the dedication this man put in to beat this type of cancer.
Even while receiving Chemo, he was still working out, trying to get his body into shape to get back on the field. His passion for football has pushed him to the point where he is now. Berry was first told he may never play football again. 

The Chiefs went and signed Safeties Ron Parker and Tyvon Branch to try to fill Berry’s void. Berry has gone through this before, his two aunts are cancer survivors, so the Berry family is a tough bunch and have experience in this type of battle. He was honest when addressing the people that have it worse. 

Not many will have the nation’s best doctors on your side, but at 26 years old this man has been through a fight and he brings encouragement and hope to others.

Now he enters training camp cancer free and ready to fight with this teammates alongside him. Kansas City will be inspired by him, but also many cancer patients also will be inspired by Berry. This could be the jolt of energy the team has been waiting for and a story that can touch the lives of many across the world.

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