EPL Matchday 5 Takeaways


Allow me to apologize to Bournemouth fans before anything else. I noted last week that there was no hope for the club, and they decided to give me a piece of humble pie from Brighton after getting up 2-1. The rest of the round saw red faces, red cards and red devils running riot yet again. Lets get into the good, bad and ugly of matchday 5 in the English Premier League:

Rooney’s return is ruined

Wayne Rooney made his return to Old Trafford for the first time since leaving in the summer, but it would not be a happy return, as Everton controlled the match 4-0, due to the play of Romelu Lukaku and the Red Devils of Manchester United. It was a tale of two players against their former club, and we saw both extremes. Lukaku scored and celebrated after the Everton fans bugged him about his previous free kick, while the fans in Old Trafford rose to their feet, as Rooney was subbed in at the 82nd minute.

Palace still can’t score

Brighton and Bournemouth both shut me up over the last few weeks, as both teams from the south coast have secured themselves wins in the last two weeks. Crystal Palace on the other hand, can not score, nor get points. Despite having more shots (14 to 13), only three were on target. Palace is now the first team in Premier League history to have five losses after five games, and not have a goal to help.

Spurs struggle at Wembley

Taking away their fantastic win in European football this week, Tottenham seemingly can not win to save their lives in the Premier League within the confines of Wembley Stadium. The latest shamble? 75% of possession, 26 shots (8 on target), nearly 1000 touches, 11 corners, and it all came for nothing, as Swansea somehow held on to a 0-0 draw. I thought September was the month that Alli and Kane were meant to fire up. The result would’ve been different had Kane not hit the bar in the second half, but Tottenham fans are surely starting to question their team now.

Ritchie, Rafa rule the Roost

Matt Ritchie played one of the best games so far this season by any player, as his two assists for Newcastle’s two goals were enough to see them past Shakiri and Stoke City. Stoke had the run of possession, but weren’t really able to capitalize, as Lascellas took his second match-winner in two games, after Christian Atsu opened up the account. With Newcastle in 4th place now, there could be a chance that the Magpies cause some havoc this season near the top of the table.

Pope praised for a point

Nick Pope might have this #1 spot for awhile after Heaton returns, having his second incredible performance between the sticks, as Burnley took a point at Anfield. Liverpool had all the momentum from the 30th minute to the end, but Pope was phenomenal to keep out Liverpool after they equalized. In 150 minutes of action, he secured 11 saves.

City smacks Watford for 6

6-0 is never a scoreline to be on the the wrong side of. Sergio Aguero just destroyed Watford’s backline with a hat-trick and an assist, while City’s midfield ran rings around the Hornets to take them to the top of the table. It really was a tale of City being brilliant, and Watford just not playing like a typical Premier League team. The sirens aren’t screeching just yet though, as Watford is still in a decent position.

This will be the most surprising season in a long time

Two of the promoted teams are in the top six, Arsenal is in the bottom half of the table, and Everton, despite playing European football, is in the early relegation battle. Leicester City is scoring, but not seeing results in return. Crystal Palace can’t score at the time being, and have already lost one manager. West Brom and West Ham couldn’t aim this week, while Southampton showed once again that they can bore a team to a clean sheet after scoring first. Leicester may have won in 15/16, but that was the one team shaking it up. This year, Burnley, Newcastle and Huddersfield and making early ripples, but it only takes one to make a tsunami.

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