ECW Original Balls Mahoney Dead At Age 44


ECW Original Balls Mahoney has been reported dead at the age of 44 by Jonny Candido, the brother of the late Chris Candido. Jonny says he heard the news from Mahoney’s wife.

There were rumors of an apparent suicide by the pro wrestler, who’s real name is Jonathan Rechner, but those rumors were shot down quickly by Candido. There aren’t many details on his passing, but we will have an update as soon as possible.

Balls Mahoney was a former three time ECW Tag Team Champion and worked for many independent organizations in his career. He was loved by all the hardcore wrestling fans and well respected in the industry. He was known for living up the Extreme persona as he brought it to the ring with him day in and day out.

Thank you Balls Mahoney for your work in the wrestling business and giving your body to the fans for our entertainment.

Photo Credit: Wrestling News Post

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