Eagles Receive Permission to Interview Tom Coughlin for Head Coach Job

Andy Clayton-King/Associated Press

The Eagles will interview Tom Coughlin for their head coach job. After a 12 year run as Giants head coach, Tom Coughlin decided to step down from Giants HC, with his last gesture there was giving the GM the cold shoulder. The Eagles will interview Tom on Monday.

This would be interesting if Tom does get the job, as he would still remain in the NFC East. Many Eagle fans have supported this decision. I do not see how this could hurt the Eagles.
When the news broke many Giant fans thought they had the system beat to say. If a coach is fired, that coach can go look for another job. However, if they resign, which is what the Giants labeled this as, you have to wait your contract out of get permission granted from someone high in the organization.

For some reason, the Giants granted Coughlin permission to interview with the Eagles. Will this come back to bite the Giants in the butt? We’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

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