Dynamics of the Yankees Bullpen 


John Minchillo/Associated Press
With the 2016 MLB season coming up in the spring, multiple moves have been made amongst the league. One team that has been making subtle moves are the New York Yankees.

As they usually known for being the “big spenders”, they have recently cut down on their ways and worked on building a younger team.

One area that the Yankees should have no trouble with this upcoming season is their bullpen strength. After trading for Cincinnati Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman, spectators are claiming their bullpen depth could rank amongst “the best ever”.

Those spectators claims may be accurate. No team in MLB history has had three relievers with over 100 strikeouts in one season (Chapman, Betances, Miller). In fact, only six teams (including the Yankees), have had two relievers with over 100 strikeouts in a season over the course of the past century. 

While it’s unclear wether Chapman will face a suspension due to off the field troubles, the Yankees are in position to dominate in an area of baseball that is very rare for a lot of franchises.

Chapman, Betances and Miller all combined for an ERA of 1.28 last season, as well as a total of 255 strikeouts in 204 1/3 innings.

Along with that, out of 455 qualified relievers, Chapman’s fastball reached the highest average velocity at 99.96 mph. Betances ranked 11th in the MLB with 97.47 mph. As for Andrew Miller, he ranked a respectable 103rd with a speed of 94.64 mph.

The teams health will always be in question, but Yankees fans should be very excited about the upcoming season. This bullpen defiantly will rank as one of the most entertaining ones in recent years.

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