Dwayne Wade Signing With The Bulls is COMPLETELY Different Than KD’s Signing



As everyone knows, on July 4th Kevin Durant left his long-time team The Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors. Two days after his signing, Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls. Durant has received the most hate of the two men, but some hate has gone to Wade and people have compared both situations. While everyone has the right to compare them, the cases are severely different.


Dwyane Wade gave everything he had to the Heat, but his decision to leave had almost nothing to do with what’s best for his chances to win a ring. It did somewhat have to do with what team was the best, but this is not in any way, shape, or form ring chasing.  The Miami Heat made it to the 2nd round last year and lost in seven games. The Chicago Bulls? They didn’t even make the playoffs. Wade’s relationship (it seems) with Pat Riley had severely deteriorated, but both parties are saying that had little to do with the decision. Wade said “No hard feelings with Pat Riley”. Many people can see it from Wade’s perspective as not to long ago, it was a big 3 with Chris Bosh, Wade, and LeBron James. This season it was Wade, Hassan Whiteside, and Luol Deng? Wade did not have any proven superstars around him, considering Bosh spent most of the season injured. Something else that isn’t mentioned much is that Wade went home. He was born in the south side of Chicago and says he idolized Michael Jordan and dreamed of playing for the Bulls. However, what Kevin Durant did? Completely different.


Kevin Durant left an Oklahoma City Thunder team that had just been up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, and was one game away from making the NBA Finals. Yet it seems the biggest thing wrong with it all is the team that Kevin Durant went to. What team is that? The Golden State Warriors, the team that beat Durant in the Western Conference Finals and were just in the finals. Not to mention that the Warriors set a regular season win record, going 73-9. Durant also had a superstar on his team in Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant took the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them” to heart and joined the team HE COULD NOT BEAT! Durant promised to win rings for Oklahoma and after 9 years when he couldn’t, he left to join a team that has the back to back MVP, has a title in the last two years and has been to back to back Finals. Dwyane Wade delivered rings to Miami, bringing them 3, yet Durant couldn’t do that and had to run away. What Kevin Durant did the definition of ring chasing.


In the years between Shaq leaving and James/Bosh joining, Wade didn’t run the Lakers or Celtics. He stayed on his team. However, Kevin Durant has (almost) had Russell Westbrook on his team. The only year he didn’t was his rookie year, but for 8 years he has had an all-star player and this year, the Thunder had arguably 2 Top-5 players, yet Durant still ran away. Kevin Durant is a coward, plain and simple.

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