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Draft Day Preparation 

Today, we are going to talk about draft day preparation. While you most likely won’t win your league solely on draft day, you could certainly lose it. This is the most important day of the year for fantasy owners, treat it as such.
One of the most important steps starts the night before the draft. Adequate sleep is really important. When you’re tired, you make mistakes, such as taking same position players on the same bye week, or taking a defense too high. It’s impossible to know who this year’s Odell Beckham Jr, or the biggest breakout running back, so start by giving yourself the advantage of being the most focused.

Get yourself into a quiet room and eliminate all distractions. This is hard to do if your draft is a live one, but if it’s an internet draft, there is no excuse. The usual time limit in an internet draft is two minutes, so the less distractions you have, the more time you have to use wisely the better. The phone call from the wife can wait.

My final piece of advice is probably the most important. Do not go into the draft under the assumption that you have to take a certain position at a certain spot. When you get to the draft, let it come to you. You are going to have to adapt to others in your league, and it’s impossible to know who’s going to be available where. Make sure your ranks are current, and you have them handy. Do not let your hard work go to waste by forgetting them or losing them.

Draft day is where you build the core of your team. Don’t ruin that core by making stupid mistakes, as most mistakes made during the draft are easily avoidable. Just remember to get plenty of rest the night before, eliminate draft day distractions, and don’t worry about specific player in draft strategy. Follow these simple steps, and while I won’t promise you’ll win your league following these steps, you’ll be in great position to do so.

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