Does Cleveland Need Kevin Love? 

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be taking part in the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors, but Kevin Love’s possible departure has been a brewing story all season long.  

With Kevin Love hitting the free agent market this summer, we ask if Cleveland really needs this stud of a power forward.  The free agency contains players such as LaMarcus Alridge and Paul Millsap, but Love is still their best option in my books. 

When asked about his departure, Love continued to emphasize that he plans on remaining a Cavalier next season.  Teams such as a the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, may attempt to persuade him otherwise.  

Love this season has averaged 16.4 PPG, but keep in mind that he’s sharing a court with men such as Kyrie Irving and of course, LeBron James. The reason that Love would leave Cleveland in the first place may be that he’s used to being the “go-to guy”, like he was in Minnesota.  

The statistics show over the course of the season that Love was still a vital part of the Cav’s playoff run, but will Cleveland really pay the big bucks for someone who disrupts the teams chemistry? 

The free agent market is a scary place if you don’t know what your doing, and of course the Cav’s will be interested in signing Love to an extension. The problem with re-signing the power forward isn’t money or promises about the playoffs, it’s about Kevin Love desiring to go to a place where he is considered “the future”. 

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