Did Dikembe Mutombo Spoil The NBA 2016 Draft Lottery?


NBA Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo recently tweeted out congratulating the Philadelphia 76ers on getting the First Overall Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

This was an obvious slip-up, as fans found out the Draft Lottery was prerecorded, and Dikembe might have just messed up big time. Following the tweet, potentially spoiling who got the first pick, he tweeted out “Sorry, guys.Got excited about the @sixers odds and got ahead of myself. Still keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.”

Mutombo has since then deleted his tweet congratulation the 76ers on the pick, which only leads to more speculation that he did indeed spoil the draft lottery.

The Sixers had a 25.0% chance at the first pick, so as fans, we should not be very surprised they landed the first pick. Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram are both still projected as possible first overall picks, whoever the 76ers take will be great for their roster, which is in desperate need of a new primary scoring option who can do a little bit of everything. Brandon Ingram might be a better fit for Philly, as he has more of a Kevin Durant-like style to him than Ben Simmons. However, due to his popularity, Ben Simmons seems to be the most likely first overall pick.

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST, right before the Cleveland vs Toronto Game 1 match-up. There we will find out if Dikembe actually spoiled the draft lottery for us all, or if he was just joking around.

Follow Up: The Sixers DID end up winning, so there is some conspiracy in the making here, stay tuned.



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