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Dez vs Julio; Who’s the Alpha Dog? 

Being  a wide receiver in the NFL, Cowboys’ leader Dez Bryant has been holding out of practices until he reaches a long term extension with the team. Bryant claims the deal must be done before July 15th, so speculators are on red-alert.

Atlanta Falcons’ man Julio Jones is on the last year of his contract, but has a different approach to the situation. Jones has spoken out saying he’s not selfish and wouldn’t hold out of practices.

With the two men holding different opinions on the matter, fans have started to debate on who the better receiver is, so here’s the arguments for both.

Why Dez is Better;
Although Tony Romo had all time to sit in the pocket due to the talent on the offensive line, Bryant racked in 16 touchdowns last season, a franchise record. Bryant has been the go-to man for Romo, and it’s obvious that the man is a freak athlete. Countless numbers of times, Bryant has won the 50-50 balls, besides the one in Green Bay.

Julio Jones on the other hand has faced difficulty with injuries, making him unreliable when it comes to fantasy football. Jones may not have the stats because of the quarterback throwing to him, but it’s the obvious choice that anyone would rather have Bryant go up for a catch with the game on the line versus Jones.

Why Julio is Better; 

Jones is speedy. That particular speed allows Jones to burn corner backs and find himself open constantly. There have been many cases where Jones has dealt with injury, but when you watch the man play football, you couldn’t tell the difference between healthy and crippled.

Dez isn’t as quick as Jones, and isn’t able to rack up the same amount of yards after the catch either. Bryant has constantly blown up on the sidelines, proving that he’s a loose cannon. Julio may be one of the safest choices in a fantasy draft, simply because at least you know he is going to play all 16 games without a complaint.

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