Derrick Rose for Comeback Player OTY?


Derrick Rose at one point was one of the greatest NBA players, was the league MVP in 2011, was a 3× All-Star from 2010-2012, was on the 2011 All-NBA team, and won the NBA ROTY in 2009. 

He was well on his way to become this generations Toronto/Orlando Tracy McGrady, an exceptional shooter, and a phenomenal explosive guard, but everything came to a screeching halt during the 2012 Playoffs where he tore his ACL, an injury that made him miss an entire season.

In the 2013-2014 season, he returned to the Bulls on a slow start after a torn ACL, but began to get back into the game by mid-November, and once again everything came crashing down as he tore his right meniscus, and at that time, he was averaging 15.9 PPG, 3.2 RPG, 4.3 APG and .5 SPG on 31.1 minutes per game. 

During the 2014-2015 season, everything was looking good for the Chicago Bulls & Rose, until he was ruled out of the season with a medial meniscus tear in the right knee, which again, needed surgery, and that ruled him out of the season. 

In April, he returned for the playoffs, where he would average 21.5 Points per game against the Milwaukee Bucks. On May 8th, Rose banked in a three-pointer to go 2-1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but, Cleveland would end up winning three in a row to go onto the Eastern Conference Finals. During the season, he averaged, 17.7 PPG, 3.4 RPG, & 4.7 APG.

In his final season as a Chicago Bull, during the preseason, Rose suffered a left orbital bone fracture and was forced to wear a mask for some time, but that didn’t stop him from returning to his MVP ways by scoring 29 Points against Oklahoma City Thunder, 34 points against the Detroit Pistons in a quadruple overtime loss, and a season best game against the Denver Nuggets, scoring 30 points, 9 rebounds & 9 assists in a 115-110 loss. During the season he averaged 16.4 PPG, 3.4 RPG & 4.7 APG.

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 offseason, Chicago traded Derrick Rose alongside Justin Holiday & a 2017 second round pick to the New York Knicks for Jose Calderón,  Jerian Grant, and Robin Lopez. On that fateful June 20th, Rose was no longer a Bull. 

At the moment, Derrick Rose is averaging, 16.8 PPG, 4.4 RPG, and 4.9 APG. These stats are slightly better than last seasons, but he didn’t play a full season, all Knicks fans hope he can play a season and prove the doubters wrong.

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