Denver Broncos acquire Vernon Davis


The San Francisco 49ers are trading Vernon Davis and a 2016 7th-round pick to the Denver Broncos for a 6th in 2016 and a 6th in 2017, per Adam Schefter. This comes after Denver improved to 7-0 on Sunday and the 49ers fell to 2-6.

There have been a lot of rumors around Davis, who will be a free agent in 2016. Drafted 6th overall in 2006, he is a two time pro bowler, a NFC champion in 2012, and was the NFL’s co touchdown leader in 2009. He has 423 receptions, 5446 receiving yards, and 55 touchdowns.

This move makes sense for both sides. San Fran will load up on draft picks to aid in their rebuild. The team has been in shambles all season and it was pretty much set in stone that Davis would be moved. For the Broncos, I believe this move is made because they want to give Peyton Manning an extra downfield weapon. Davis isn’t a slouch at blocking either. This is an all around great move.

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