DeGrom Causing Problems for the Mets 

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In order to protest against his 2016 salary, New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom is currently refusing to sign his contract. Because deGrom is not considered arbitration-eligible, the Mets have the right to assign deGrom a salary as low as $507,500. The Mets currently are assigning a salary of $607,000 this year, which to deGrom, is disrespectful.

The 27-year old has done a lot in such a short period of time in the MLB, being named the National League ROTY in 2014, as well as representing the Mets in the All-Star Game in 2015.

25 of the 40 players who were not considered “arbitration-eligible”, but only deGrom is currently refusing to sign his contract with the Mets.

“I’ve said before, I love playing here. And I want to be in this uniform for a long time. It was just a decision based on the business side of the game.”

Would it be smart for the Mets to cave in? A similar situation happened back in 2006 with David Wright in which the Mets adjusted. Ever since that negotiation, Wright and the Mets have continued to have a positive relationship.

As for current contract talks, deGrom noted that “we haven’t talked about anything yet,” deGrom said. “I don’t think this will affect that (our season) in any way. I think we’re still open to discussions for long-term things. Nothing is in the works now.

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