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Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE?


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With the Royal Rumble in the background and the Road to Wrestlemania officially underway, the rumor mill will fly open with names who may leave the company. Allegedly, The Revival have requested for a release as have Maria and Mike Kanellis. Dolph Ziggler has been thrown around as someone who may be leaving in the coming weeks, and it seems that he is not the only former World Champion that may leave.

According to Wade Keller of, Dean Ambrose will be leaving WWE when his contract is up in April. According to Keller, Ambrose told WWE executives over the Rumble weekend despite being offered a new contract and a significant raise in his salary.

Sources within WWE told Keller that Ambrose, a main event talent for much of his time on the main roster, recently made his mind up. Poor creative direction over years played a big factor in this decision, with Ambrose seen as a “hokey character” over the last few years.

Ambrose has been on the main roster since 2012, debuting in an attack on Ryback during a match with CM Punk at Survivor Series. As part of The Shield over numerous stints, Ambrose would hold the US Title as well as the Tag Titles. Throughout his career, Ambrose would be a WWE Champion as well as an Intercontinental Champion and a Money in the Bank winner.

There is no real set idea as to where he may go after his expected release, although it explains the weird Rumble elimination as well as the clean loss on Monday Night Raw. As we know more, we will update this.

Picture Credit – WWE

Credit goes to Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch for information used in this piece.

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