David West Next to Opt Out

As of Thursday, David West is now a free agent after opting out of his contract with the Indiana Pacers. Opting out of his final year of his contract is going to cost him $12.6 million dollars that he would be owed in the upcoming season. This will be the first time West is a free agent since 2011, when he joined the Pacers. 

At the age of 34, it is easy to say that he will not make as much as he did with the Pacers. West has already claimed that he doesn’t wish for a lot of money at his age, but wants to be put in the correct scenario to win basketball games. 

After just recovering from an injury, and coming off of one of his worst seasons to date, he is only averaging 11.7 points in 66 games starting games. West will most likely only have a few more seasons left, and most teams may not want to take the chance to fill a spot they can’t grow their team from. As July 1st approaches, we will see if David West made the best decision for his career.

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