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After trading for closer Craig Kimbrel and signing free agent Chris Young. Boston Red Sox General Manager Dave Dombrowski was looking to make a big splash this offseason in his first year as Red Sox GM. Dombrowski made a big splash today, signing free agent pitcher David Price to a 7 year deal worth $217 million, with his salary being $31 million a season. Price spent last season with the Detroit Tigers before getting traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, helping the team win the AL East. This deal makes Price the highest paid pitcher in MLB history.

In 32 starts with Tigers and Blue Jays, Price had a record of 18-5, ERA of 2.45, striking out 225 batters, with a WHIP of 1.08. Tigers were favorites last season to win the AL Central, thanks to dominating pitching by Price. After the team fell apart during the season, the team shipped him off to Blue Jays. He pitched his way to a 9-1 record with the Jays. His problems did not start until the playoffs started, where Price unperformed in the clutch. The Jays lost in the American League Championship Series.

Even since arriving in the league, Price has been one of the best pitchers in the league. Price has a great command on his pitches, and knows how to strikeout batters. When he is on his game, he can make it through 6 or 7 innings giving up 1 or 2 runs. With run support, Price can dominate until the closers and relief pitches are ready to come in to end the game. He has a big problem in the playoffs. When it comes to the playoffs, Price does not come up clutch. He doesn’t preform the way he did in the regular season. Outside of the post season troubles, Price is a great pitcher who needs to be at the top of the rotation. He can strike out over 200 guys a season, while earning double digit wins in the process.

Red Sox are getting one of the best pitchers right now in Price. Great top of the rotation type of guy, the ace that the team was missing last year in the rotation. The deal is sure overpaid, but when you have a guy like Price you might have to overpay to sign the guy. Everyone in the league knows Price is a great regular season pitcher, but can he turn the same results from the regular season into great post season numbers? If Price can produce outstanding regular and post season numbers, the money will be less of a problem.

With Price now getting the multi million dollar deal that he wanted. He now has to prove on the mound that he is worth the money that the team is paying him to be the top of the rotation ace. Price will be delivering over 10 wins in the regular season, 100 strikeouts and good ERA. Price has an opt out clause in his contract in year three, so the first two seasons need to be his best seasons pitching wise in the regular and post season.

Dombrowski has a reputation of being a big spender in the offseason, and making big moves. With all the moves he made this offseason, he has lived up to his name. He is most likely not done yet, the team still has some holes on the team. Maybe adding in one more guy in the rotation, to strengthen the starting rotation a lot more then it is now. Expect a lot of talks about the Red Sox and trade and free agent rumors, during the winter meetings which starts Monday.  Bullpen could use some work as well.

With Price now in town, that most likely means that one of the starting pitchers from last years team is going to get shipped soon. According to reports, the team will be actively trying to trade someone like Joe Kelly, Wade Miley, or Clay Buchholz. Most likely Buchholz since he still has a decent amount of trade value. The team would be ideal to trade one of them for a prospect, to add into the deep prospect pool the team already has. Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval who both signed big free agent deals last season. One of them will most likely be gone by the time April comes around. Since it is not a good idea to deal with all three contracts of Price Ramirez and Sandoval.





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