David Price Makes Red Sox Debut 


On Tuesday afternoon, the Yankees and Red Sox went head to head in a Spring Training meeting, and it just felt right. With the Yankees still figuring out kinks within their rotation, the Red Sox boldly placed David Price on the mound. 

With many wondering if Price could do it all in a Sox uniform, he defiantly proved his case as a pitcher to watch out for this season. Throwing 54 pitches (40 of which were strikes), Price was able to strike out 6 batters in his debut. Two of these strikeouts happened to be looking K’s on no other than Alex Rodriguez (one of the Yankees best hitters last season). 

Even though it was just Spring Training, there were a few notes to take from this game. The Yankees youth continued to shine as Aaron Hicks launched a homer into right field off Price early in the game, and the Yankees eventually came through and won. 

Another note was that the Sox bullpen needs adjusting. Wether it’s a trade or an upgrade in their farm system, the Yankees looked as though they were hitting beach balls on them in the later innings. 

This season has that rivalry feeling to it though, doesn’t it? With A-Rod vs Price and possibly some Tanaka vs Pedroia, there are a lot of good matchups to look out for in 2016. 

Price even mentioned after the game that the rivalry would be “intense” and “the biggest rivalry I will ever be part of”. With that being said, Price will be a lot of trouble for the Yankees bats. 

I believe that the Yankees could go out and just about dominate the Red Sox bullpen (as they did today), but Price is a sure fire ace that I’m sure the Sox will place on the mound often. 

With Tuesday’s exhibition in the books, I think I speak for all baseball fans when I say I am ready for the regular season to begin. 

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