Dave Joerger agrees to four year Coaching deal with Kings

Eric Gay/Associated Press

Dave Joerger didn’t take long to find a new coaching job. The Grizzlies recently fired Joerger in a questionable move. In his three seasons with the Grizzlies, he led the team to a 147-99 record including a 42-40 record and 7th seed in the playoffs with a very injured team. Injuries caught up when the Spurs swept the Grizzlies in the first round.

The firing shocked many, fans and press alike. Joerger no doubt became a top prospect for the coachless teams. The Kings obviously being one of the teams. The deal is inked for 4 years $16 million. The fourth year is a team option, according to media.

An unsolved chapter is who will replace Joerger in Memphis. Perhaps Kevin McHale or Scott Brooks? Joerger has moved on faster than Memphis. They will have a hard time finding someone with a similar culture to Joerger’s.

Joerger will likely bring the grit and grind culture to the Kings,  I believe they have the players and talent for it to work. Demarcus Cousins is a talented center and can probably grind with the best of them. Rajon Rondo’s natural personality is grit and grind.

Joerger replaces George Karl. In 2 seasons, Karl went 44-68 with the Kings. In recent years, the Kings haven’t been as successful as the Grizzlies, the obviously view Joerger as a crucial part of the Grizzlies’ success. Was Dave Joerger a good signing? Will the Grizzlies sign a good replacement? We will see.


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