D’Antoni the Next Coach in Denver? 

Despite being run out of Los Angeles when coaching the Lakers, it’s reported that the Denver Nuggets had a productive sit down meeting with Mike D’Antoni on Tuesday. 

D’Antoni wasn’t able to produce much of anything with a troubled Lakers roster, but this move actually may be smart for Denver. D’Antoni fits the system in the sense that he loves to play at a faster paced offense, and the Nuggets have expressed that they wish to play at a fast pace in the future. 

Other than D’Antoni, a strong contender as the next head coach in line is interim coach Melvin Hunt, who coached the next after Brian Shaw’s firing. 

Many people don’t see D’Antoni as a successful coach overall, but be careful. D’Antoni actually has coached the Nuggets before, back in the 1998 season as an interim. The coach would then go on to more success as he left to go coach the Phoenix Suns. 

Overall, the Nuggets were 30-52 this past season, so maybe now is time for D’Antoni to step in. 

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